For high performing leaders

Practical tools for leading your team

Being a leader requires a wide variety of skills that can only be built over time. There are no recipes that always work – but we have designed outlines for conversations every leader needs to know in order to navigate their team. If you only invest in one leadership training, this is the one that brings you practical tools you can start using right away with your team.

What will you gain as a leader?

This 3-month program helps leaders develop their talents and skills to build trusting relationships with their employees and team, understand their employees’ needs, and take an active role in meaningful conversations with individuals and teams.

This program gives leaders knowledge and skills along with a clear cadence, purpose and structure of 5 conversations with individuals and 4 conversations with teams that inspire them, help them prioritize, help them grow, drive their accountability, and smoothen the collaboration and alignment.

High Performing Leader Program

  • Habit and skill of having 5 individual and 4 team conversations at the right cadence, with the right purpose
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Be aware of significant importance of leadership and be inspired to consciously upgrade their leadership skills
  • Distinguish and practice different conversations so they can start using them in everyday situations.
  • Look to lean into the talents they have to becoming an effective coach leader to their employees and teams.
  • Create a structure and plan for ongoing, meaningful conversations with their employees and team.
  • Build trust, compassion, stability, and hope

By increasing employee engagement, companies see up to 10% on customer ratings, 22% in profitability, and 21% in over-all productivity, up to 25% decrease in high-turnover organizations and 65% decrease in low-turnover organizations), and absenteeism (37%), fewer safety incidents (48%), patient safety incidents (41%), and quality defects (41%).
(Source: Gallup)